500 Serisi

  • Reach: 35m ve 50m
  • Jib-end load: 1.000 kg + %10 PowerLift
  • Maximum load: 4t ve 5t

The tower cranes in Comansa’s 500 Series are the smallest in the entire range and are designed for projects requiring light loads and a medium reach, such as residential construction projects.

Thanks to the optimised weights of all their parts and fast connections between sections, these cranes are assembled easily, safely and in very little time, meaning savings on auxiliary assembly cranes.

Moreover, there are several parts that can be shared by all the Flat-top tower cranes in this series, particularly jib and counter-jib sections. This allows rental companies whose fleets include several cranes from this series to be able to set up multiple configurations without needing to purchase all the structural parts of a specific model. All the models in the series have a wide variety of reach every 2.5 metres.

The 500 Series tower crane parts are monoblock sections, which are easy to transport and store. Its width of 1.2 metres allow assemblies in very tight spaces, such as a lift shaft.

The 500 Series tower cranes come with an optional panoramic cab, which enables maximum productivity thanks to complete visibility of the load and the work area, and ensures operator comfort with a full range of features: Thermal and acoustic insulation, standard tinted windows and heating, etc.

The Comansa 500 Series includes the following tower crane models:





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